Hey, can I ask for source of this cute picture of SpaBel on your icon? I absolutely adore your blog, SpaBel is my OTP beside PruHun. You're doing great job, especially when it comes to Mekos drawings, who is one of my favourire Orange Waffle artist. Kisses and a lot of hugs! : ))

PruHun is my second OTP on Hetalia, I really like them :)

Meko is my favorite artist too! Here’s the link of the icon  -source-

And thank you so much for your words, I really appreciate them! ; w ;

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I changed the theme! finally

I hope you like it :)

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Gijon, Spain (by elenimavrandoni)

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» Naranja(SpainxBelgium Doujinshi)



Title: Naranja
Author/Artist: Various
Pairing(s): Spain/Belgium
Pages: 97 pages
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Here’s another doujin, something new this time.

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by meko
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by 壱倉

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Bruges, Belgium

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writes sad spabel for spabel week ( tho its not for coup of days so i wont tag it as that yet )

under the readmore

im like really early on this okay and i suck at write so ples be gentle i am tiny babby ( tags my princess alex too cus )

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