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Welcome to Chocolate-on-Churros, the SpaBel appreciation blog! Feel free to submit images, headcanons, confessions, anything you please.

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have you ever shipped a ship so hard you forgot it wasn’t canon


insanity has never been so lovely

— i confess that i hate everything that comes between your body and mine.

genderbent!spain/belgium, as joanna of castile/philip the handsome. i think. it could still work if you omit the spabel. which means i haven’t done a very good job, but [sigh].
very much inspired by all manners of historical-fiction tv series that i’ve been so into lately…

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working on a historical-ish genderbent!spabel fic with m!belgium as the burgundian-born felipe the handsome and f!spain as the juana the mad. a.k.a the weirdest (semi?)au ever.


the people on urbandictionary really have a way with words

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